The Daveological Society Who & Why?

The Daveological Society is a societal prototype consisting of a single entity, and received original accreditation by verbal proclamation issued directly from a representative of a corporate empire.  Truly a corporation, and truly in their own minds….an empire.

The Daveological Society got its’ name from the boss.  It was as simple as appearing for work one day, and being asked by the Manager, ‘So, what’s going on with the Daveological Society?’ 

I thought, finally some recognition because somebody other than myself recognizes me as  logical. 

I left it there because inquiring minds did not want to know whether there might have been a jesting, sarcastic element to his observance of me.  I decided right then, and there to take the acknowledgement verbatim without nuance or, possible misinterpreted inflection.  I didn’t ruin the moment.  Nobody has to know.   Not even, me.

By way of a more personal introduction you should know that I am a Boomer, Daveologically continuing through my teens for the 4th time.  

My son has referred to me as ‘dinosaur’ since he could utter his first words failing to acknowledge my 2nd, 3rd & current childhoods.

 With some great memories from the past, I don’t declare a domicile in the past.  I reside in the here & now, the only gateway to the future.   

Should you happen to find error with my logic of which there isn’t any but, if you should find something, feel free to  explain why you feel an entry on this blog should be considered Daveillogical  in a comment.

The Society will commence a board meeting to process your designation re-considering all logic, and render a final decision utilizing a democratic vote.

The Daveological Society has some varied interests on several pages of this blog.  You’ve found what is commonly known as ‘About’ and referred to here as,  Who, How & Why

Documentation exhibits the Society’s continual journal of thoughts.   

Discovery describes my personal journey through meditation, and inspiration.  You’ll find another page of Discovery showing my way through The Laws Of The Universe including
The Law of Attraction. 

Development Dollars  includes the Society’s stock market portfolio, with financial information and a source library. 

Doo-Wah-Diddys is a display of just how hysterically funny the Society thinks I am as you groan, and hurt through word plays, with possibly other assorted smiles.   It’s all Daveological.

Join me in celebration of a great regular MLB season by, the best team in Major League Baseball ,  The Chicago Cubs The celebration begins on my Cubs blog, Cubs Crossings.



  1. My dearest Groovy Brother you truly honor and humble me that you should include Lady Barefoot Baroness in your Traveling Guide.
    I adore your new blogquarter’s, very much a comfortable and positive space to be. I’ll have a wander about, something tells me I will see old friends as well as meet new.
    I was feeling a touch of nostalgia earlier tonight before I turned to WP and found your comment on my Choices post, so absolutely reassuring and validating to have found your comment. Thank you always Groovy for “getting me’

    You have a wonderful way about how you roll my friend I am proud you call me sister and friend. ~ BB

    • My Dear Sister,

      I have traveled to read how you are but, was a bit busy with some medical situations the past several months, and I was often doped up on the crappy yet life enabling pain killers. However, I did visit.

      Thank you so much for your forever kind words.

      Oh yes, I get you. We have this moment in time to be absolutely authentic so the next may be just as authentic. By doing this, there are no regrets. Nothing to hide.

      With authenticity there are no tangled webs to navigate. Authenticity is freedom.

      As always my dear Lady,
      Cordially, I remain….

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