Daveological Discovery – Meditation

This is a discovery for me because, I am relatively new to meditation.  That in mind, I am only offering my experience with meditation on this page.

A good mentor for meditation from those much more experienced at meditation than I am, can easily be found.

One of those mentors for meditation is, John C. Bader.

John’s story is a difficult one.

How does anyone with a similar story arrive at a certain peace with the universe, and go on to mentor others to that same peace?

John’s book, The Responsive Universe is a good read, and has a permanent home on my Kindle.  It is a great reference! 

I believe it was no accident arriving at the  Responsive Universe blog  because, this is where I received the original inspiration to develop a daily meditation routine.

How do you meditate?  I have discovered no one person has the way.  Many people have a way.  Music, candles, mantra…a focal point.  I prefer using mantra of which many are available on the internet.

Why use a mantra?  How does a mantra work?

 My favorite mantra is explained in this video.

This is my favorite version of Ra Ma Da Sa  by, Snatam Kaur.

Every time I have the opportunity to mantra with her, there is a feeling of peace that permeates the room, assisting with a very peaceful meditation.

 Snatam Kaur web site

In the short time I have been meditating, I have established that meditation gives semblance of order to my thinking process. 

Like a computer processor taking bits of information, offering a refinement of the initial perceived complexity, and breaking all those bits of information  into a comprehensive simplicity.

Meditation doesn’t necessarily have a time frame for results, and it is not magic.  Not necessarily over night, and not necessarily years before you arrive so to speak. 

Within the first several weeks of meditating, I encountered some emotional feelings on one, and another.  New realities as the mind was expanding to new realizations?  Destinations along the way on this life long journey?

I find meditation is not a prayer or, a wishing well.  For me, it is Science.  It is a stimulation for the mind to think more clearly in this moment.

An understanding that, the mind will think without any bias (contribution of the ego) from me.  The authenticity of pure thought.  An attempt to not force thought.  Thought….is.  All by itself. 

For me meditation is a catalyst for the allowance, and enhancement of thought, not the suppression of thought.

Meditation Journal

7-29/2014  Okay, I never claimed consistent communication would be my strong point.
How do I meditate?

I mentioned a preference for mantras as a backdrop for a successful meditation.  It works for me.  It may not be what works for you.  Remember the goal for a successful meditation.   The enhancement of uncluttered pure thought, right now!

Perhaps music might be a distraction to some people.  To some, inactivity is a distraction to the free flow of thought.

So, could it be you already succeed at meditation?  Maybe.

I’ll go with some examples.  Perhaps you enjoy working in your garden.  Just you, and the garden.  Maybe you paint or, sculpt.  Quiet time, and doing a crossword puzzle.  Your mind relaxed, and focused on one simple task at a time.  Is this peaceful for you?  Do you feel a very specific calm over your mind at these times?

You are in meditation.  Meditation is nothing to be fearful of.  Meditation is not some sort of state of mind reached behind the cloak of a mysterious philosophy.  You don’t necessarily join a group with specific beliefs to meditate.  It belongs to no religion, and yet you are free to use it with any religion.  You might be an agnostic or, an atheist.

Meditation is reaching simplicity of thought without implying or dictating content.  So, what gets you there?

This is when you feel ‘you’re at the top of your game!’  Your vibration is syncing as one with the universe.  You feel free!

In spite of the daily challenges presented by, life, it feels good to be handling them from this vantage point!

5-18/2014  Again, I have been remiss with communication on this page.

A misconception I have had with meditation is, I couldn’t be doing this correctly because there are thought patterns through some meditations.  Certainly, I must clear my mind, and depart from the human race without thinking of anything during meditation.

No.  Meditation is not a denial of truth.  At least not for me.

I do have normal thought patterns on just about everything.  That’s okay.  I am learning through meditation that, dealing with any of it takes a frame of mind allowing for semblance of order.  Meditation is the uncluttering of the same thoughts, and feelings that are me.

I’ve employed a tool to use during meditation.

Visualization of the text of the mantra I might use.  Not only using the audio but, literally giving my mind room to unclutter as I watch each letter of each word as it is audibly released during the meditation.  The simplicity allows the mind the opportunity for its’ own simplicity.

Other tools imagined for my brain 24/7  include a file cabinet to categorically file important thoughts, and a paper shredder to immediately dispose of any superfluous thought.

So, meditation for me is less about no thought, and more about the free flow of organized thought.

3-15/2014  Been a little while since I’ve updated here.

Lately, I have recognized at different moments during my daily activities how much my mind has calmed down.  Everything was a crisis, and had to be handled, now.  Imagine my mind as a computer single core processor handling everything right now, and nothing got handled because I had to spend so much time re-booting.  Meditation has given my mind the opportunity to grow from a single core processor to as many cores as it needs to process the information.  I can slow down while my mind processes four times as much as before without chaos.

1-24/2014  Before this morning’s meditation, I need a healthy reminder to not take this moment for granted.  This is a very important moment.  It defines me, and it defines my future.

I have been discovering as I go along this meditational path to quit trying so hard.  Trying encompasses planning, and many related thoughts.  More thoughts for the mind to process, and meditation is not the time for it.  I just need to show up, and really be there.  Allow my mind a clear path.

1-12/2014  I have had several experiences during a meditation that brings on an emotional response, and as I understand it  that, is a good thing.  All I can say is, it seems to be a positive, blissful state whether tears or, smiles.  Otherwise, unexplainable.

I’ve learned just how important posture is during meditation.  It is an attempt at total recognition of mind, and body in sync with the universe without bias in a single moment.

Your thoughts are valued here

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